Update for week 11 (March 13th - March 17th)

Outlook Overview:
Note: The Muscat 30 Index fell -0.28% last week.

Trend Analysis:

Outlook = Bearish
For information on the Trend Analysis see the Notes section to this post: GCC Trend Analysis

Index Analysis:

Outlook = Bullish
For information on the Index Analysis see this post: Understanding the GCC Weekly Index Analysis

Market Breadth:

Advance/Decline Indicator = Positive
Outlook = Bullish
For information on Market Breadth see this post: Market Breadth

Pattern Match Price Projections:

Just one of the three best matches for the current 25 day price movement is projecting a higher close for the Muscat 30 Index in five days time.

The average five day price projection across all three best matches is -0.07%.

The combined outlook based on the pattern matching analysis is Neutral.

For information on Pattern Matching see this post: Price Projections Using Pattern Matching