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GCC Index Performance: February | GCC Market Analytics

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

GCC Index Performance: February

Given the political situation in the MENA region at the moment it's not surprising that February was a bad month for GCC stock markets.

The Muscat 30 Index was the worst performer, dropping by 10.18% with the Qatar market not far behind with a 9.29% fall.  Dubai, Saudi and Kuwait all fell by over 5%.

Despite Bahrain's problems the country's stock index dropped by just 1.25% in February.  However, but for the complete lack of liquidity in the Bahrain market at the moment (many stocks did not trade at all during February) I think the index falls would be a lot, lot worse.

Abu Dhabi was the best performer, managing to eek out a small gain (0.08%) on the month.

On a year-to-date basis the picture doesn't get any better.  All stock indexes are down for the year with the Dubai market having already lost over 13% in 2011.