Updated for week 11 (March 13th - March 17th) 

Outlook Overview: 
Note: The DFM General Index rose +7.23% last week.

Trend Analysis:

Outlook = Neutral
For information on the Trend Analysis see the Notes section to this post: GCC Trend Analysis

Index Analysis:

Outlook = Bearish
For information on the Index Analysis see this post: Understanding the GCC Weekly Index Analysis

Market Breadth:

Advance/Decline Indicator = Negative
Outlook = Bearish
For information on Market Breadth see this post: Market Breadth

Pattern Match Price Projections:

Two of the three best matches for the current 25 day price movement are projecting higher prices over the next five days.

The average five day price projection across all three best matches is +2.44%.

The combined outlook based on the pattern matching analysis is Bullish.

For information on Pattern Matching see this post: Price Projections Using Pattern Matching