About Me

My name is Peter Barr.  You can contact me at: pete_barr@hotmail.com

For more information on who I am and what I've done please visit my Linked In profile page:

About GCC Market Analytics

GCC Market Analytics has two primary aims.

The first is to provide analysis of the GCC equity markets which is novel, useful and interesting.  At present there aren't many website or blogs which are focused on GCC stock markets.  Hopefully, GCC Market Analytics can plug that hole just a little bit.

The second aim is to focus on testing and validation.  Financial markets are highly complex.  In such environments our intuitions about what is right or wrong are unreliable, at best.  The testing and evaluation of market analysis and trading strategies can help overcome this problem and this will be the emphasis of GCC Market Analytics.


P.S. If readers have any suggestions for topics they would like to see covered or more general comments or inquiries regarding GCC Market Analytics please feel free to contact me at the email address above.