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Sunday, 30 January 2011

UAE Stock Monitor

The pre-opening market activity for Dubai and Abu Dhabi stocks is indicating a sizable drop this morning.

Regional markets are going to be dominated by what's happening in Egypt.  At the moment the focus is on when and how the current president is "relieved of his duties."  But assuming Mubarak does go the focus will then turn to who and what type of government replaces him.  And the answer to that is none to clear at this point in time.

This uncertainty and the potential for more dominoes to fall is going to put pressure on GCC markets and probably global markets as well.

That said, below are some performance stats for UAE stocks based on Thursday's close.  If stocks do end up being whacked today, however, the picture could change substantially.


  • Close Price: weekly stock closing price
  • Weekly Change:  prior week's percentage stock price change
  • Price > 50-Day Moving Average: is the Close Price greater than previous 50-day average price
  • Price > 200-Day Moving Average: is the Close Price greater than previous 200-day average price
  • Volume > 20-Day Average: is the current volume greater than the previous 20 days average
  • Current Price versus 20-Day Range: where is the current price in relation to the previous 20 days

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