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Qatar Stocks: Year-to-Date Returns | GCC Market Analytics

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Qatar Stocks: Year-to-Date Returns

With the Qatar market performing so strongly I'm taking a closer look a what stocks have been driving the market.  In the last post I looked at relative strength.  In this post I'm focusing on pure returns.  In short, which Qatar stocks have risen the most and should have been in our portfolios this year.

The first chart below shows the year-to-date return for each Qatar stock.
Qatar Stocks: Year-To-Date Returns

Not surprisingly, a good portion of Qatar stocks have risen by 20 per cent or more so far this year. The charts below show the year-to-date price performance for the top ten returning Qatar stocks.

Excellent returns but also lots of significant drawdowns along the way for many of the above stocks. Which just goes to show, even where you end up picking a winner there's still plenty of volatility to endure in order to capture the big returns.