Weekly Market Analysis (Week 46) — GCC Market Analytics
Weekly Market Analysis (Week 46) | GCC Market Analytics

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Weekly Market Analysis (Week 46)

The weekly market analysis pages have been updated for trading week 46 (November 6th - November 11th).  Use the links below to view the individual market analysis pages:

Dubai   -   Abu Dhabi  -   Saudi   -   Kuwait   -   Qatar   -   Bahrain   -   Muscat

The table below shows the market outlook based on each study.
A bit more of a mixed bag on the outlook front this week compared to recent weeks.  The outlook for the Kuwait market continues to be bullish across the board.  On the other hand the Muscat market has moved from bullish to bearish this week as has Dubai.

Visit the links above to view the full analysis reports for all GCC markets.